Collection: Vibration Plates & Exercise Machines

Power up your workouts with vibration plates by sending micro vibrations throughout your entire body to activate more muscles, burn more calories, improve circulation, assist muscle recovery, and more.

Experience the Benefits of Vibration Plate Machines

What if there was an easier way to build strength, improve circulation, increase flexibility, and reduce stress, right from the comfort of home? Whether you’re looking to add an extra boost to your daily body workout or searching for simple, one-step relaxation methods, you can access all those wellness-boosting benefits today with vibration therapy from a vibrating plate from Lifepro.

How Vibration Machines Work and Their Advantages

A vibration machine stimulates your muscles in a pattern of rapid contraction and release. These micro-engagements improve tone and strength, encourage blood flow, and can even reduce cellulite and increase your overall range of motion. We’ve built our selection of vibration plate machines and vibrating exercise machines to suit a variety of needs, from sports injury recovery to a mid-workday workout routine.

Integrating a Vibration Board into Your Home Office

A vibration board makes a fantastic addition to any home office. Use it while you answer emails, write code, pitch products, or perform any other task that keeps your fingers on a keyboard. Lifepro’s vibration machines make it easy to maintain your health and burn body fat while you’re on the clock. With vibration training, you can achieve your fitness goals without having to do conventional exercise.

Discover the Perfect Lifepro Vibration Platform for You

Your workout routine does more than keep your body in shape. It helps you process the stress of your day, connect with your inner self, and take care of your well-being in the long run. There are a lot of good reasons to exercise—Lifepro products help you take advantage of all of them. Explore a variety of options, from the sleek and stylish RelaxaVibe Vibration Plate to the versatile Rhythm Vibration Plate exercise machine, complete with handrails, resistance bands, and an easy-to-use console.

Incorporate a Vibration Platform into Your Home and Lifestyle

Stash your Lifepro vibration platform underneath your standing desk, keep it in the living room to use while you watch your favorite show, or put it in a place of honor in your home gym. No matter where it lives, it’s sure to become an essential part of your wellness routine. If you’re worried about storage, we also offer a mini vibrating machine– a more compact option for tighter living spaces.