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Some years ago Rhonda Byrne published a book called The Secret Ė although it actually came out as a film first, the book sold millions of copies, and led loads of people to investigate the Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction is something thatís fascinated people for generations, if not millennia: this is because we all have a desire to make life easy for ourselves, and getting what we want by visualizing it in the mind might seem to be the easiest way of all!

Well, I have some news for you Ė the law of attraction does actually work, and is a legitimate way of changing your life for the better, but it isnít as easy to apply as people have thought, or been led to believe by people like Rhonda Byrne.

The truth here is that, to start with, getting what you want through the law of attraction, whether it be greater prosperity, financial wealth, or a better relationship (or indeed any relationship at all) depends on you being spiritually evolved enough to be able to utilize the concepts and principles behind the law of attraction.

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What Are These Concepts Behind the Law of Attraction?

Well the truth is that first of all they require you to be able to move into a meditative space, which is defined by the alpha wave brain rhythm. If you are an experienced meditator, and good at relaxing, you can probably do this anyway, see youíre well ahead of the game here!

Secondly, they require you to be able to visualize your desired objective in intense detail. Now many people say they can visualise, but there are an equal member who claim that they cannot. But if I ask you to think of a lemon, some image or a picture or sensation comes into your mind Ė thatís visualization.

So assuming that you, like the rest of us can visualize, the fact that so many people say they canít is probably more to do with the fact that they have difficulty motivating themselves. Why should that be?

Letís assume that you want a better relationship, and you have several conflicting notions of what that relationship might look like. The truth is most people do not formulate clear objectives and ideals Ė they donít generally know what the clearest form of their desired objective is. Thatís why most people who say they canít visualize, at least in my opinion, donít have enough motivation to use the Law of attraction successfully.

What I mean to say is, they canít maintain focus on any particular objective for long enough to make it intensely desirable Ė when it is more likely to come into their lives.

To make this clearer, consider this: when you are trying to visualize a better relationship, or when you want a relationship, greater prosperity, or any other objective you want to bring into your life, you need to have an absolutely clear vision of what youíre trying to achieve.

If you think of this in terms of getting where you want to go, you can see immediately that you wouldnít set out on the road for any journey without some kind of map or satellite navigation programmed with your destination.

Itís exactly the same when youíre trying to visualize an objective and bring it to reality through manifestation by the law of attraction. You need a very clear image of what you want, an image that is going to be sufficiently emotionally engaging for you to genuinely set out with high enough commitment to motivate you to work on it on a daily basis.

Now I know this may sound quite daunting, but you donít get something for nothing: in a sense, the reward of being able to manifest what you want through the universal processes like manifestation is so great that there has to be a ďpaymentĒ made by you. In this case of course the payment is not financial! Rather, itís about motivation, commitment, time for visualization and Ė perhaps the limiting factor for many many people Ė commitment to yourself.

You see, in the end, this is about your commitment to changing your life for the better, this is about your commitment to getting what you want, and indeed this is actually fundamentally about your sense of self-worth!

Do you feel worthwhile enough to believe you can have a good relationship, or will you continue to settle for nothing at all or a poor-quality relationship which is far below that which you actually deserve?

Well, itís your decision in every way. The truth is there are plenty of websites around which will show you exactly how to use the law of attraction to get what you want, be it financial prosperity or a great relationship, or indeed anything else.

There is one which I particularly like called, which sets out to give you every piece of information you could possibly need about manifestation and the law of attraction, and really you donít need any other resource than this, in my opinion.

So if you want to actually work on the process of manifestation yourself, find out all about it, get to the real truth behind books like The Secret, and find out what it was actually trying to tell you, in a way thatís simple and easy to understand, you should go to an expert whoís actually used the Law of Attraction over many years of his or her life, rather than to somebody seeking to make a great deal of money out of writing about this, without perhaps the personal experience of manifestation and the law of attraction in everyday life, where using it made a real difference to their well-being.

Of course itís possible for people to make a great deal of money by coming up with a popular book or film which purports to explain the principles of manifestation, but the truth is that there is no substitute for the reality of experience.

There is no substitute for actually having used manifestation in your life on a day-to-day basis for many years to understand how it works.

This allows one to convey the mechanism behind it to other people who might want to also use it to improve the quality of their life for the better.

And remember, thereís nothing mysterious about visualization and manifestation, because itís actually an ability that is granted to us by virtue of our humanity; it is a fundamental part of the human condition.