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Better Sex After Fifty

I’m an experienced sex therapist. I’m now 55 (and I live with a beautifully mature, very sexual woman who has just turned 60). So I speak and write about sex after 50 from experience.

Anyhow, glad to have you here, and thanks for your interest in how to have great sex after 50. Let’s get down to business.

First and foremost, if you’re facing some of the challenges that can come with sex after 50 years of age, don’t despair!

Almost every problem that affects lovers at this time in their lives can be solved. Read on to find out more…

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Here, on this very website, you’ll find information about almost everything you need to know to enjoy great sex in midlife and beyond.

In fact, this information is comprehensive, straightforward and, above all, effective.

And it will show you how to quickly solve almost any problems you might be having around sex and relationships, including all of the following.

Overcoming low sexual desire in men and women – this can sometimes stop a couple having sex altogether, but there are plenty of ways to keep romance alive and your sex life on the boil. Indeed, you can have the most passionate and enjoyable sex of your life after 50. You just need to know how.

Dealing effectively with the symptoms of the female menopause, including low sex drive, hot flashes, natural changes in your body’s response to sexual stimulation, unpredictable mood swings…and the rest, including the dilemma around hormone replacement therapy, problems with vaginal lubrication, and painful intercourse.

good sex is essential at any ageBeating the symptoms of the male andropause – (that’s the word for all the changes in a man’s body around the age of 45 to 55) such as loss of sex drive and sexual desire.

And also, as you may know, changes in your body’s response to sexual stimulation, especially less reliable erections and weaker ejaculations, and perhaps not even being able to get an erection, physical changes which might include penile & testicular shrinkage, aches and pains, muscle wasting, and more ….yet all of which can be dealt with very effectively if you know how.

The techniques on this website will show you how – and that includes the possibility of male hormone replacement therapy, which we discuss in detail.

Dealing with male prostate problems, including urinary symptoms, prostate enlargement, the need for treatment, and how it can all be overcome in the easiest way possible.

Defeating the male midlife crisis, a stage of life sometimes treated like a joke, and which in fact is anything but funny, involving as it does a lack of motivation, depression, loss of confidence, lack of purpose,  feelings of hopelessness, despair, a sense of grief at aging, irritability, anger, and more.

Difficulties with sexual intercourse – whether these are caused by physical issues which make sex difficult, such as vaginal dryness and loss of erection, or by relationship difficulties that stop it happening, or even a puzzling dwindling away of intercourse for no obvious reason (that’s when you realize one day sex has just somehow stopped), you can find out here how to revitalize your sex life and enjoy some of the best sex you’ve ever had. Yes, really.

Erectile dysfunction or erection problems – these can range from once in a while failure to complete loss of erection; no matter what form they take, these problems can be devastating to a man’s confidence. good sex is essential at any age

And yet, given the right treatment approach, all these issues can be resolved, your confidence restored – together with your erection – and your enjoyment of sex renewed.

The common body issues of midlife – after all, if you’ve loved your body the way it looks and works for fifty years (and even if you haven’t), how do you cope with all the changes that midlife can bring?

(Drooping, sagging, losing elasticity, and as for those those shrinking bits, well – yes, how do you cope, especially when your lover sees you naked?)

Read our essential advice for women (and men) who want to stay on good terms with their bodies so they can enjoy sex at least as much as before…perhaps even more than before.

Changes in your sexuality after 50 – for women, the menopause is a crucial time, signaling the loss of fertility and the end of the possibility of getting pregnant.

For some women, this heralds a new dawn of sexual freedom (no worries now about contraception) and sparks an era of new desire and passionate sex. For others, it seems like the loss of an essential part of themselves.

For men, too, there can be a sense of losing the male power and vitality which has fuelled so much of their adult life. For everyone, it’s a time of change.

Yet in the natural order of things, women and men grow into a mature sexuality at this time of life that’s just as rewarding as anything you ever experienced before.

And, interestingly, I have never heard a man speak of sex after 50 as being less satisfying than sex earlier in his life. (That’s right, not one man, ever.)

Sure, men may have less sex, less often, but it tends to last longer and even if they ejaculate less powerfully, the satisfaction seems to be as great.

I believe all women, too, can enjoy sex just as much after 50 as before. Discover how both men and women can enjoy intense, passionate relationships here.

Relationship difficulties – many couples find that when their sex drive falls, or the children leave home, there doesn’t seem to  be much keeping their relationship together.

Yet really good sex definitely acts as the glue that keeps a couple together, no matter how old they are. It promotes affection, intimacy, bonding and mutual love.

I show you exactly how a couple can remain lovers, in every sense of that word – spiritually, physically, emotionally, practically – with some simple, easy techniques that can transform your relationship.

This is essential information if you feel that you’re drifting away – possibly through a lack of sex – from your lover, partner or spouse.

How to grow into your mature sexuality gracefully – is there more? Is growing into your mature sexuality more than the sum of all the things above?

Yes, probably….it’s also about evolving emotionally, accepting that things aren’t what they were, they are different, probably better ….. you can read about some powerful techniques to help you move to a place of psychological power on this website, no matter how you may think about life after 50 at the moment.

Your “inner Sovereign”, the part of you that draws on your entire life experience, and becomes a leader in your own life (and possibly in other’s people’s, too) is just waiting to be released.

How you can feel even more loving towards your sexual partner – letting go of resentments, disappointments, and being loving is vital for your own health. Find out what you can do if you’re holding onto stuff that isn’t helping you.

Sexual techniques, tips and tricks – you’ve heard the expression “use it or lose it”? The fact is, your sexual organs really do stay younger longer, the more you use them.

And to prevent hardening of the arteries, as well as hardening of the attitudes, there’s nothing like regular sex! So I’ve included all the sexual tips, tricks and techniques you need to ensure your sexual desire remains high and your orgasms are powerful – no matter how old you are!

As you’ll have realized by now, I believe that you can have a great sex life no matter what age you are ! In fact, sex after 50 can be even better than sex at 20.

Now I know this may seem like a big claim to make, and it might even be one that makes you roll your eyes in despair if things aren’t working too well at the moment.

I mean, I assume you’ve arrived here because something in your sex life isn’t working, or perhaps because you think something could be working better. Maybe you’re not even getting any sex. Maybe your partner’s given up on sex.

Maybe you’re looking for a way to help your partner regain a sexual, enthusiastic attitude to life. Or maybe you just want a revitalized love life, the way it used to be: romantic, loving, and full of enjoyable sex. It’s even possible you’re looking to have good sex for the first time in your life, now you know things are changing, and you’re maturing.

Well, the good news is that you can have all of those things, no matter what age you are.

Yes, I have a simple message for you: sex after 50 can be the best sex of your life — and that is true for everyone, even if you see, even if you live with, some physical changes which seem to be getting in the way of enjoying great sex for you and your partner.

So how do I know this? I know this because I’ve seen it over and over again in the work I do. As I said, I’m a sex therapist, with plenty of experience dealing with all the sexual problems you can imagine — and then some… and it’s work for which I have a passion, because it changes people’s lives. It can change your life, TOO.

In particular, if you’re over 50, what I have to show you on this website can transform your sex life into something more enjoyable than it’s ever been, with greater sensuality, greater connection to your partner, and better orgasms. And that’s true even if you or your partner has given up on sex because of the changes that you’ve gone through in recent months or years.

And you know what? I speak from personal experience.Until recently most of my work was in two parts. First, with men who are suffering from those oh-so-common problems that we all know about – premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and delayed ejaculation. In case you don’t know, that’s when a man can’t ejaculate when he has sex.

And second, together with my partner, I’ve done a lot of work to help women with low sex drive, lack of desire, and problems with orgasms (i.e. a lack of them).

So I thought I knew all about male and female sexual problems and sexual issues; even so, it was a big surprise to me when I turned 50 and found that things suddenly “ain’t what they used to be”!

Maybe the same thing happened to you? I’ve heard hundreds of men and women tell me about the surprise with which they realized the first signs of a more mature life were upon them: the shock they experienced the first time they realized they were getting tired more easily; the surprise when a man’s erection didn’t spring to attention when his partner kissed him; the bewilderment when an erection disappeared during intercourse or oral sex, a form of intimacy that would once have had a man groaning with pleasure; the distressing realization that it might be time to reach for a bottle of lube because things somehow aren’t as juicy as they need to be for pleasurable lovemaking; the sudden realization that your partner is actually avoiding sex with you, or even turning you down when you suggest it.

And then there are the bodily changesnot only changes in how you look, those bits that suddenly begin to droop and waste away, or even shrink, but also changes in the the way things function.

A woman might notice her clitoris and labia aren’t swelling up in the way that they used to during sex; she might notice that intercourse is uncomfortable because her vagina seems to be much more sensitive to thrusting and may even tear slightly during intercourse.

A man might notice that his erection doesn’t stand up as high as it did, or that his ejaculation has much less force. Or he might suddenly find that he can’t get another erection for several hours or even days after an ejaculation. And that can be something that shakes him to the core, especially if he has always regarded his sexuality as a crucial part of who he is. This is the essence of the andropause.

Women are slightly better off, I think, because there’s a lot of information available which helps them prepare for the major life-change of the menopause, as well as online support groups which help them deal with the emotional and practical consequences of this time.

But even so, when you get into the very personal experience of the changes that come with mature sexuality, you never know what the impact will be on you or your relationship.

And it can be a heck of an impact. So, regardless of whatever has brought you here, I want to emphasize again that I haven’t come across a single problem related to middle-aged sexuality that couldn’t be improved or resolved.

Better still, I haven’t come across any middle-aged relationships that couldn’t be improved. But the fact is you may not know what to do right now.

If you’re a woman, and your male partner is refusing to talk about sex, how on earth would you even know what to do? You want the loving, sexual connection you once had. But every time you raise the subject of sex he brushes you off and avoids the subject.

Well, there are things that you can do you to show him that his sexuality is still powerful and attractive, to restore his confidence. You can tell him, through some simple actions, that you still want those blessed moments of intimacy with him. He’ll respond to you with love. And you can find out how this happens right here, on this website.

If you’re a man and your partner has lost interest in sex, how on earth do you ever get her to want to make love again? Or suppose your partner has gone through the menopause and now every time you try to make love, she complains intercourse is painful, or her vagina doesn’t lubricate, or she always fails to have an orgasm.

Would you know what to do or say to her, not just to reassure her, but to actually turn your sex life into something that’s passionate and exciting? Would you know how to help her become fully sexual once again, so  you can enjoy the pleasures of intercourse, just as you always have?

I believe most people don’t know the answers to these questions. I believe the majority of people need a way to deal with middle-aged sexuality, a formula that restores intimacy and love, a set of techniques and tools that reverses the physical changes taking place (or provides a way of working around them – for both partners).

In particular, if your sex drive is dropping and your motivation to have sex is lower, it’s all too easy to avoid having sex altogether. But once you start avoiding sex, that becomes an established pattern. Why? Because it’s much easier to avoid sex than take the risk of losing your erection or experiencing vaginal dryness or having painful intercourse or not being able to ejaculate or reach orgasm… or whatever.

This website is designed to show you how to solve these problems. It covers just about every aspect of sex after 50. It gives you workable, practical solutions to the common problems of midlife sexuality.

If you’re a woman going through the menopause, you may be very confused about hormone replacement therapy or low sex drive. You might need to solve the problem of lack of lubrication, or the thinning of the vaginal wall that results in uncomfortable sex. You might want to know how to cope with changes in the way you feel about your body as you see it maturing.

There are probably many questions that you want to ask about how to carry on being sexual, being orgasmic. If you’re feeling adventurous, you might want to know how best to explore new sexual techniques with your partner.Or you might just want to know how to carry on as before.

As a woman, you might want to know how to support your man as he goes through changes in his sexual desire and libido, as he experiences a lessening of his staying power and his masculine strength, as he finds his erections and ejaculations changing, and as these things impact on his mood, self-image, and confidence.

As a man, you might be desperate to know how to reassure your partner that she’s still attractive to you, and how much you still want sex. Or you might be struggling to understand why you don’twant sex any more….

All of these things are possible, all these challenges can be overcome. How can I say this with such confidence?

Because I’m a sex therapist, and my partner and I have worked with hundreds of men and women in their 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond, and I see their potential every day.

I see how women grow and evolve, how men become more loving, more caring, more sensual and downright sexual.

In fact, it’s not unusual to see complete sexual transformations… and as I hinted above, that’s actually been true in my own life too.

If you’re a man around 50, you may be scared about losing potency, or frightened by the signs that your sexual power is lessening. You might be experiencing challenges around your role in life, about exactly how you’ve spent your life up till now, or how you’re going to spend the years ahead of you.

You might be experiencing real discomfort at the threat of losing your sexuality, particularly if your sex drive is lower or your erections are less reliable, or your ejaculations are not as powerful.And of course, there’s a lot more to the male midlife experience of sex and love than simple physical changes.

Midlife produces issues about purpose and power, about your role as a man, about how you see yourself as your sexuality evolves…. so where you once expected instant erections as rigid as a pole, you might now need a very different kind of stimulation to become erect, just as you might need a different approach to intercourse to satisfy your partner’s needs.

If you’ve seen your sexual capacity as an expression of your love for your partner, or as an expression of your masculinity, then you’ll certainly be challenged by the changes you experience as you pass 50 years of age and enter the years beyond.

Sometimes Viagra is a solution for erectile issues. Sometimes hormone replacement therapy is needed to overcome depression or a lack of sex drive, or to counteract the changes in your body. How to get this and benefit from it is explained on this website.

You might also want to know how to keep a loving relationship with your partner going, how to improve it, and how to reach a place where you enjoy better sex than ever before. This is is all explained on this website.

Forget your preconceptions, forget what you’ve been told in the past.

Sex is great, for both sexes, at 50 and far beyond. And even if your experience up to now has been different, you are going to have great sex and a great relationship by the time you finish reading this website.

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